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Book Us During Your Team Practice

You may have heard that goaltenders do not get enough attention during a regular team practice, let us end this stigma and create a better team environment together.

Only Nick Dahan or a Senior Experienced Instructor will be assigned to your team.

What Is Required:
  1. Blue Line in (one end zone) to work the goalies exclusively for the entire team practice or the majority of it - Teams should get an AP goalie supporting the practice to allow us to work with both goalies. Otherwise, we rotate, one with us while the other is partaking in your drills.
  2. Filling out the form below to have us contact you, we will use the info collected to create your account on this app for scheduling and billing purposes

Do email us at info@dahanhockey.com if you have any questions.

See you at the rink.

- Dahan Team